Coaching Packages

Creeden Coaching & Consulting offers a variety of coaching packages designed for your unique needs. We have experience coaching across the globe and can offer coaching support face-to-face for those local to us or via our virtual platform for those further afield or on the go. Each package allows you to access a level of personal or professional development that is right for you whether you are looking to simply explore key topics, generate greater self-awareness or realize a full transformation. Transformation never means changing who you are but often means expanding how you are. Creating more range in our way of being allows more confidence and empowerment in our personal and professional lives. No matter the level of commitment you are looking for, we have a package for you.



  • Free goal-setting session

  • 4 x 60 min. coaching sessions

  • Engagement approx. 1-2 months

  • Access to official daring materials

  • Embodied inquiries

  • Discount on CCC workshops

Exploration allows you to open of deep conversations about a key topic of interest to you. Through this you learn what issues or beliefs might be at play for you. This package is perfect for those who are not sure if coaching is for them but would like to give it a try. An exploration package is also good for those experienced with coaching who have a single straight forward topic they wish to discuss and gain new perspective on, such as an upcoming decision or a difficult conversation. Many of my previous clients also buy this as a ‘refresh’ package to check-in as needed post-transformation.



  • Free goal-setting session

  • 6 x 60 min. coaching sessions

  • Engagement approx. 3 months

  • Access to official daring materials

  • Embodied awakenings

  • Discount on CCC workshops

Through the growth package you will gain self-awareness and a better understanding of your limiting beliefs and how they are holding you back from the goals you are trying to achieve. Self-awareness is the first step in any personal growth. With this package, we will help you explore your key topics more in depth and begin shifting your perspective on them. Such realizations allow you to expand your world view beyond what you have always assumed was the ‘only way’. When we see more options before us, we gain tremendous clarity and feel empowered to make necessary changes in our lives.



  • Free goal-setting session

  • 12 x 60 min. coaching sessions

  • Engagement approx. 6 months

  • Access to official daring materials

  • Embodied competencies

  • Discount on renewal packages

  • Discount on CCC workshops

Discount on renewal packages
The transformation package offers you the maximum impact from your coaching engagement by allowing you to move beyond self-awareness to experiencing behavior change. Most of us need to engage in mindful observation, continuous practice and repetition of new practices to begin showing up differently in our lives and reap the benefit of those new ways of being. This requires the support of a coach on an ongoing basis for accountability and reflection. The transformation package is ideal fo those wishing to explore a variety of inter-related topics over time.


Elite Executive

  • Free goal-setting session

  • 4 x 60-min. start-up sessions

  • Brief daily check-ins as desired (schedule flexible)

  • 1 x 60-min. monthly session

  • Engagement is by month

  • Priority support via unlimited messaging (response within 24hrs)

  • Access to official daring materials

  • Embodied competencies

  • Free registration CCC workshops

  • Space limited to 2 clients at a time

You don’t need to go it alone. The elite executive package is aimed at solving the “lonely at the top” problem felt by many senior leaders. When the pressure is on and your success it too much to risk, this package offers a tailored program, where an executive feels the regular support of a coach on daily issues. Having mini coaching check-ins at high frequency allows for a strong coaching connection, rapid results and greater success. This package promotes maximum accountability and deep personal and professional development.

Terri’s coaching focuses on the human element of leadership; organizations are simply groups of humans and this fact cannot be forgotten when it comes to being a CEO. Our daily check-ins during my elite executive coaching offered continuity, accountability and vulnerability that I didn’t get anywhere else.
— W.L., Chief Executive Officer