About Training

Trainings are the delivery of information on a particular topic or group of topics as dictated by the needs or interests of the audience.  Trainings can be delivered in a variety of formats, such as lectures, webinars, lunch talks, key note speeches, half or full day workshops or multi-day retreats. I am often called upon to deliver corporate trainings on a variety of business-related topics. I also enjoy running public events which bring people together for experiential learning around topics of particular interest to me.  My core values of authenticity, integrity and connection heavily influence the content and focus of my work.  I have experience with groups of all sizes at all levels of leadership from emerging talents to experienced executives.  I design and deliver trainings to teams, departments or groups of professionals across different functional areas and/or cultural backgrounds.


Common Trainings Topics

Authentic Leader / Authentic Self
Burnout Prevention / Moving through life with Ease
Confidence & Self-trust
Courageous Leadership
Creativity and Innovation
Difficult Conversations
Embracing Failure to Succeed
Embracing Vulnerability / Taking risks
Embodiment / Movement
Emotional Intelligence
Employee Engagement
Executive / Personal Presence
Influencing Strategies
Leadership Development
Living and working with Integrity
Resilience after adversity
Trust: building and maintaining relationships

When to work with a trainer

Leaders or organizations may wish to run a training for individuals or teams as a development offering, team building or informational event.  These may be held within a company, in conjunction with a ongoing meeting or as part of a planned conference. I have also delivered trainings remotely as webinars and via online platforms.  If you are looking to bring in external, educational or motivational content to your meeting or event, then please reach out to discuss topics of interest.  Trainings are flexible and can easily be designed to meet the time, focus and needs of your audience or organization.   


Training Approach

I believe in whole-body learning, thus my trainings are both active and reflective in nature.  They seek to go beyond the traditional provision of knowledge. I enjoy using movement, role playing, creativity, writing and games in a combination of ways to generate a memorable experience. My interactive workshops help participants to integrate the concepts into a new way of being through dynamic content and actionable outcomes.