Coaching is a positive and effective means for tapping into, and making use of, all our resources.  It is a way to expand our view of the world around us or a situation in front of us, such that new options become available and different results can be realized. 

Coaching is future-focused.  Its aim is to support people in making forward movement.  It does not spend a great deal of time in the past, though it does visit it.  By exploring key moments of our history, we can generate valuable awareness of ourselves, and how we came to hold the views we hold today.  Awareness is the first step to change and growth. 

Coaching is based on the assumption that we each have the answers to our questions within us but may simply be unable to access them in a moment of uncertainty.   While coaching, I am observing, questioning, and when necessary, challenging a clients current assumptions.  As a coach, I act as a guide to help clients expose those possibilities within themselves, generate a more accurate picture of reality and establish positive thinking. We may deconstruct current behaviors and build them back up again forming new more, beneficial habits that will get you to your goals. 

Coaching is a search for answers through a conversation of questions.

When to work with a coach

You might seek coaching either during times of transition or when you are feeling stuck either in your personal life or in your career. Clients report being frustrated by a situation which they have been unable to resolve themselves yet they are ready for a change. These situations may be personal or professional dissatisfaction, which are creating negative emotions and/or disappointing outcomes. Leaders and individuals alike tend to struggle with similar core issues and none of us can see our way to clarity alone. We are blind to our own current ways of being. We need another pair of eyes to look at our situation and give us a new perspective. Hiring a coach is bringing onboard another person, who is a different observer of the world, and will use their alternative view in service of your desired outcomes. Your coach is committed to you and your vision.  

I will gladly meet with you for a free discovery session.  Should we decide to work together, I design a targeted program for you, which is flexible, driven by your individual goals and can shift and adapt session by session to suit what you want to work on as time progresses.  Below are some common coaching programs. Click on them to see the sort of topics we might explore in each.

Coaching approach

BODY: How you hold and move yourself not only says something to others but also says something to yourself. Your body is not only communicating but also creating. It can be said that your body hears everything your mind is saying and vice versa.

EMOTIONS: Our moods and emotions are hugely informative and have so much to teach us if we would only listen to them. Emotions are predispositions for actions.  What actions we take or conversations we have are dictated by our current mood or emotional state.

LANGUAGE: How we speak to ourselves and the stories we tell ourselves about the events in our lives, paints the picture for how we see our current reality and possible future. Language in coaching explores the conversations we are having, or not having, in our life and where we can improve them to get the results we want.


I am certified as an Ontological Coach by  The Newfield Network .  Ontological coaching is defined as “a practice that facilitates the emergence of new possibilities in the personal and/or professional life of individuals (or groups) by making them aware of their participation in the construction and co-creation of the reality they perceive.” This is considered transformational coaching as opposed to traditional transactional coaching.

As an ontological coach, I coach people on their way of 'being' and their view of the world. To do so, I explore three domains of an individual: body, emotions and language. I believe that these aspects of ourselves are intricately linked to one another. Together, we work to make shifts in these domains towards more productive ways of being, to get the results you want.  A shift in any one of these areas will have an impact on the other areas. This approach aims for deep and long lasting results in individuals.  Changes, which will extend beyond the immediate, presenting problem and find applicability to multiple areas of a persons life. 

In ontological coaching, we coach the person, not the problem.