Executive coaching with Terri is a fundamentally different conversation than I can have with any of my mentors or peers. I could be vulnerable to the greatest extent.
— E.B. Global Leader, Data Analytics

Challenging and compassionate.

"I enjoyed talking openly and sincerely to a person who was calm, never judgmental and always challenging me to seek another truth beyond my perception or my initial description of a situation. Terri is compassionate and skillful and makes me feel safe."

— C.C.

A principle-based trainer.

"Terri embodies what she does.  She's a high-level coach whom balances the rare alchemy of reflective presence, brutal honesty, and useful humor to have the kind of conversations that shift people on a deep level.  I was lucky to attend one of her first Daring Way™ workshops. She has the ability to slow the pace of someone's intentional gaze inward for the real work to happen."  

— A.S.

A gentle guide. A safe environment.

"Terri is warm, loving, gentle and accommodating. She meets her workshop participants right where they are emotionally and mentally, yet gently pushes them past their comfort zones. We know that under Terri’s guidance we’re able to explore ourselves in a safe and nurturing environment."

— A.M.

Terri is experienced, insightful, and professional.  She’s a strong communicator and a patient coach, who has a deep level of embodied wisdom.  Working with Terri in her executive coaching program is one of the best investments I have made. 
— W.L., Chief Executive Officer

Terri’s skills at coaching people through life’s unique situations are not only effective but also empowering and contagious.  I often scare myself by asking ’where would my life be without Terri’. She played a vital role in a massive and necessary transformation in my life.
— B.Y., Educator and Entrepreneur

New perspective on relationship

"I was feeling unhappy and unable to decide on what to do. I felt powerless and disconnected from everyone.  I decided to work with Terri to understand what I wanted to do with my relationship and with my life. Through coaching I was able to manage in a different way, by being present and feeling stable and sharing my point of view calmly. I was also able to see things from a new perspective and how it was worth it to make a true effort to change some things."

- C.C.

Everything you want and more.

"An incredibly organized and thoughtful approach to setting up engagements and seminars, Terri is the kind of professional you want to bring into your circle of experts for greatness." 

— A.L.S.

A variety of modalities

"I appreciate how Terri incorporates the community into her work and collaborates with other specialists in the area. Her 'take home' strategies are so applicable and varied (art, movement, writing, speaking, play). She utilizes many modalities that can reach a wide variety of people based on where they are in their own path. And it is fun and non-threatening." 

- B.Y.

“It was a pleasure to work with Terri. She delivered what we needed under a short timeline and hit the nail on the head!”

— K.S. Hoffmann-La Roche